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A weekly podcast about magic, culture and the paranormal. Coming to you from Tasmania. Visit us at

Aug 7, 2022

Poet, author, taiji instructor and intentionist (this will make sense shortly), Brian Wilkins joins the show this week, on the occasion of the publication of his book, A Wheel of Small Gods.

We discuss how poetry can be a container or place for spirits, different methods of experiencing and understanding energy,...

Aug 4, 2022

The Q3 premium member course beginning shortly is on energy healing and -to go alongside it- we'll be doing a series of dialogues with practitioners from various energy modalities.

First cab off the rank is fellow Newcastle boy, Lance Baker, to talk about certainly the most well-known (and perhaps the least understood?)...

Jul 22, 2022

The one and only Matawhero Lloyd returns to the show this week. More specifically, while I am in New Zealand, I returned to Whetu Ariki to spend some time with Matawhero and to see what’s been happening with his pā project over the past couple of years. This is a project many of you will be familiar with from

Jul 2, 2022

It's that time of half-year again! Forecastapalooza. With returning champ, Austin Coppock.

You know you want it. Get in.

Note: This was a video show so you can watch along on YouTube if you prefer.


Jun 28, 2022

An Amazonian solo show this week, exploring the one-year anniversary of providing shamanic energy healings.

One of the things I mention during the episode is how I consider some of the seemingly bolder claims of shamanic healing from a different perspective having been in the jungle a number of times now. There’s...