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Learning Magic and Animism in a Global Context -

Jun 27, 2018

This week we have one of my favourite discussions of the entire year.

Joining us is Dr Diana Walsh Pasulka. Diana is a Professor of Religious Studies at the University of North Carolina, Wilmington and Chair of the Department of Philosophy and Religion. She is a specialist in Catholic history with a particular emphasis...

Jun 20, 2018

In honour of a very special anniversary and in light of a new biographical series, Paul Weston returns to the show to regale us with his strange angelic blend of history, synchromystic analysis and personal adventure.

Rockets, redheads, dianetics, Beat poets and the Babalon Working. It's all in this week's...

Jun 13, 2018

This week sees the return of one of the show's most popular and only recurring episodes, our half-yearly catch-up with Austin Coppock.

Yes, we are halfway through 2018 but is the dumpster halfway through burning or is it just about to hit some highly flammable medical waste? Let's find out.


Jun 6, 2018

This week we welcome to the show Sinéad Spearing.

Sinéad is the author of the recently released Old English Medical Remedies. She joins us to talk about extracting ravens' eyes, the myriad uses of gall, hag attacks, the Nine Herbs Charm and many more of our favourite things.

Great stuff.

Show Notes

  • Old English...