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Learning Magic and Animism in a Global Context -

Mar 6, 2022

Wait a minute. Gordon of all people is giving advice about what now?

Relax. I truly would never dream of it. Think of it more like Advice To A Young Wife From An Old Mistress. It's a dramatic frame that allows us to explore ways of being with this moment that -oh, just a thought- don't contribute to a field of war that brings everyone closer to nuclear annihilation while somehow assuming doing so gives you the moral high ground.

So it's not actually (just?) for professional astrologers and other fortune tellers. It's for any of you looking around at the entire planet losing its mind and working out what role -in your profession, in your family, in your friendship group, in your communities- you are being called to step into. It's my offering to you, delivered in the form of a presentation given to a strictly hypothetical group of professional astrologers.

Yeah, it's long. I mention at the beginning that the personal reason for sharing this is a healing one, around finding transformative ways of being with anger and defence. It may be challenging to watch or listen to for some of you. Healthy anger is a useful warning that situations or people are approaching important boundaries (physical or otherwise). And it is not that it means these boundaries must never be crossed or must always be defended. Anger simply calls you to an urgent awareness that boundary business is afoot.

For instance, being wrong about something or some position you have taken in which you have invested a lot of emotional energy. When someone points this out or when you begin to realise it yourself, the anger signal is there. But this is probably one instance where you allow that signal to draw your attention to the boundary and, rather than defending it, allow that pent up energy to dissipate across it.

I sincerely hope you come to your own understanding of the sentiment in which this presentation is offered, why it is offered at this time, as well as my intention that you find whatever medicine is meant for you in it.

Note: This is a video presentation with slides and such. It is only available on Rumble. Though it will still work fine as an audio offering if that is what you prefer.

Show Notes