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Learning Magic and Animism in a Global Context -

Jul 29, 2023

One of my favourite guests returns to the show this week for a scintillating and freewheeling dive into the perennial question of whether there are aliens in the Bible. Author, researcher, psychonaut and hypnotist Danny Nemu.

The impetus for this discussion is a book and a thesis that’s been translated out of Italian and into English relatively recently: Mauro Biglino’s Gods of The Bible. Speaking of translation, for years, Mauro was a translator of Biblical texts for the Vatican’s official publisher. Over the course of that work, he began to have questions about this term, ‘Elohim’, and all the other strange stuff that’s in there. So he decided to translate the Old Testament literally and what emerges is alien beings and flying saucers and all that classic Ancient Aliens fare.

A few people started asking me about the Biglino hypothesis, and then Mauro himself was on Graham Hancock’s podcast. And then, Graham’s son Luke quoted from one of Danny’s books in the same podcast. Danny was the person whose take on the hypothesis I most wanted to hear because of his work on the presence of entheogens and drugs in the Bible. So that was enough of a sign for me to repeatedly peer-pressure him into buying and reading the book so we could talk about it.

Anyway, he graciously obliged. So here is a Star.Ships meets ‘are there drugs in the Bible’ take on aliens, the power of language, the use of metaphor, literalism as spells and a whole lot more.

Super excited for this one.