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Learning Magic and Animism in a Global Context -

Sep 28, 2022

This week, returning guest Brandt Stickley joins us for another instalment of our energy healing dialogues series.

We discuss how Chinese medicine sees the human energy body/ies, the antiquity of the system, how it works, what it works best with and the attitude or ways of thinking that characterise TCM. In particular,...

Sep 12, 2022

One of my favourite books of the year is Jerry Kantor's Sane Asylums. He joins us this week for an equally-scintillating episode.

We explore how homeopathy works, the 19th century heyday of homeopathic psychiatry -including the successful treatment of Abraham Lincoln's widow's 'incurable madness' with three months...

Sep 2, 2022

The legendary Eileen McKusick joins us this week for the next Rune Soup Energy Healing Dialogue.

We discuss the origins of biofield tuning, how it and other forms of sound healing work, what it's best for and what other modalities it best supports. A fantastic discussion with a true healing pioneer.


Show Notes