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Learning Magic and Animism in a Global Context -

Jun 25, 2023

Can you believe it’s been six months since Austinmas??? Anyway, it has. A very big thank you to those who joined us on the live stream this weekend -and for all the birthday wishes.

During the show, Austin and I

  • Looked back over what hit and what didn’t these past six months.
  • Explored some of the wider contexts of Pluto in Aquarius and what it has to do with Uranus.
  • Tabled some scenarios for current events in Eastern Europe.
  • Looked at the forecast for the rest of this year.
  • Unpacked, in particular, the upcoming Venus Retrograde and how we can be with that on an individual and collective level.
  • Answered some fun questions from the live chat at the end.
  • Named several peacocks.

You can, of course, listen to this audio version or you can watch along on YouTube below. Because it is a live show I put some slides together but, as always, they are not in the least bit necessary. (This is my long-running performance piece about how that is true of all slides in every professional setting anywhere.)

Either way, enjoy!