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Learning Magic and Animism in a Global Context -

Dec 16, 2023

After tabling the possibility in the last live stream and thrashing out some of the details with the Rune Soup Premium Member brain trust, we'll be moving forward with the goal of launching one sigil a day for every day of next year.

The audio version of the announcement -ie this one- is a bit more involved than the video one. That's because 58% of YouTube watchers aren't subscribed, so I had to pitch it a bit more as 'beginner'. But if you're subscribed to the podcast I wanted to speak more at your level.

But if you want the video one, you can watch me wandering around on the first beach day of Tasmanian Summer. (It poured with rain almost immediately after I finished filming). Or you can consume both. It's the festive season. Treat yourself.

The only relevant show note is a link to the Rune Soup telegram group, where the ongoing sigil project will be discussed. It's free and available to members and non-members.