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Mar 30, 2023

Alkistis Dimech and Peter Grey of Scarlet Imprint return to the show for an exploration and celebration of Jake Stratton-Kent: In particular his thought, his research and his impact on the western magical world.

We discuss:

  • His generosity as a thought leader. 
  • His attitude to academia and academics.
  • His role in the return of spirit-centric approaches to the grimoires. 
  • His revitalisation of blue grimoires. 
  • His understanding and love of the Ancient and Archaic Greek world. 
  • "I don't do angels."
  • His championing of practice over theorising.
  • His role as a key participant in the return of the Dead to contemporary western magical practice. 

I'm very grateful to Peter and Alkistis for sharing their thoughts about their friend and colleague, Jake.